Client Testimonials

Ira, sorry for the delayed reply. I have been beyond busy. I do not really know what to say other then the whole experience was very good and Ira is very professional. It was a painless transaction. I would definitely recommend Ira to anyone interested in selling their property.
Frank M.
Pleasanton, CA
My Mom and Dad died a short time ago. My Sister lived across the country and my parents San Francisco house was in terrible shape. I was the Executer of their estate and wanted to sell the house fast without doing any repairs or even cleaning out the place. It was a long exhausting process and one of the last things left do to was to sell their San Francisco property fast. A few hours after I decided to sell the home As-Is, I had an all cash offer from We closed the transaction within days and the estate settled sooner than anticipated. If I have to sell a property again, I will contact you.
Sebastian A.
San Francisco, CA
I owned a rental property in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years. I felt bad asking my Tenant of 20 years to vacate. So Ira Friedman at gave me the option of selling the property to them with the Tenant in place. So I did, and thankfully so. I received a very fair cash offer the very same day and accepted it. Thank you for being so creative, professional and understanding. You guys are great!
William S.
Los Angeles, CA
Our Pomona, CA home had been listed with a realtor for three months. We had several showings, which resulted in a great deal of inconvenience, especially since we were in the middle of packing in anticipation of moving into our new home… Our realtor encouraged us to lower our asking price, which we did, twice. We were at our wits end and had just about lost all hope of being able to have the new house… that is when it happened… it was truly a miracle… We owe many, many thanks and absolutely recommend their services.
Mathew J.
Pomona, CA
It was amazing! Less than 36 hours after I called we were at the closing table. You were incredibly patient and helpful in explaining how the process works.
Daniel C.
West Covina, CA
You quickly came to our rescue. We were in desperate need to sell our home fast. You bailed us out and assisted us with the utmost respect and kindness through the entire process. Thanks to you we got the cash needed from the sale of our home in San Jose and now we’re able to purchase our new dream home. Thank you so much on behalf of my family and I.
Connelly S.
San Jose, CA
You worked the details out for us and were very pleasant and accommodating with the sale of my San Diego home and the paperwork, as well as just communicating with me. I will recommend to anyone who needs to sell their home quickly or hassle-free.
Lisa B.
San Diego, CA
The transaction went effortlessly, Your Company was straightforward and professional in your dealing with us. This would serve as a recommendation to prospective customers whom would like to sell a house quick and effortlessly.
William M.
Oakland, CA
At a time when the Fresno housing market seemed to come to a halt, we discovered a way out from under our house we had been trying to sell for many months. Though we are just in the early stage of our relationship, Mr. Friedman had been very straightforward and prompt in answering all our concerns and questions.
Arturo M.
Fresno, CA
You were very professional and thorough. You took the time to explain the details we did not understand. We were saved from foreclosure on our Rialto CA home.
Jonathan G.
Rialto, CA
I’d like to express my thanks and appreciation for Ira’s guidance and mentorship through our recently concluded Los Angeles real estate transaction.
Michael C.
Los Angeles, CA
As a seller of a home in Hawthorne, Ca, it was indeed a pleasure to have your help through the entire transaction process. Your communication was always timely and accurate, and your handling of all the parties involved was never less than courteous and professional. The entire process followed a path that was virtually identical to what you predicted. Which makes me sincerely happy to recommend your services to anyone who might inquire.
Brian B.
Hawthorne, CA
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and owned a condominium in Riverside, CA that I had been renting to the same person for 9 years. The tenant informed me he was moving. I didn’t want to deal with finding another tenant, so I contacted a gentleman from, we agreed on a price within a few days. I didn’t have to repair or renovate anything. I received only a few dollars less than I was asking!
Chuanhua H.
Riverside, CA
Dear Corey, It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I find your company to be equitable. You stand behind your commitment and your process is expeditious. I have several properties and in the future I will call you for a fair price. Sincerely,
James Ford
My parents would like to thank you for making the sale of the house a positive experience. It is no wonder why has a rock solid reputation for fair prices and no headaches!
Jon Gunderson
Tamarac, FL
Ira, I wish to thank you personally and for all your help in the sale of my parents home in Long Beach, CA. As you know, my mom passed away in early January 2012 and because I reside in the State of Kansas, trying to fulfill my responsibilities as Successor Trustee of the Family Trust was very frustrating and stressful, to say the least. I didn’t have the time nor the local contacts to place the house on the market, this I shared with you during my phone conversation from Kansas. I needed to have an estate sell, sell and close on the house all within less than 30 days. You understood my problem and needs, and within three weeks of my arrival in Long Beach, you made it happen and I was able to get back home a week early. Thank you so much, for your understanding, your quick actions, your professionalism and most of all, your friendship.
Al F.
Long Beach, CA
I wanted to express my gratitude to Ira Friedman and for helping me save my home. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t contacted you. I owned two homes and was having some financial difficulties and was on the verge of losing my primary residence. I came into contact with Ira and told him my issues and that I had a rental home that I would like to sell. With-in 24 hours he called me with a well written reasonable offer. I had spoken to other companies and they didn’t even come close which tells me that he is fair and he cares. Because of you Ira, with in a week’s time my residence is free and clear and I can now move on stress free. Thank you so much for how quick and efficient you were with this whole process. I will always be grateful.
Adrienne L.
Clinton, TN